Today, many owners keep them inside as normal companions. They can be found anywhere, both shelters and breeders can help any future owner get their dream Siamese cat or even Siamese kitten! Once obtained, of course, the owner just needs to know a few helpful tips on how to take care of them.

A Siamese cat is in no way delicate or hard to manage. In fact, they are actually quite a low maintenance pet to take care of! They are very energetic, playful, and eat a healthy amount. Grooming is also an easy task because their short hair usually takes care of itself. They may want to be brushed every now and then but that is no problem, they just enjoy the feeling!

Like mentioned before, these cats are very popular so finding a kitten would not be so difficult. Buying from a breeder will not be all too expensive but there are also plenty of shelters where a Siamese cat can be picked up and rescued. The kittens do not come with many health problems, though they do have a higher chance of getting a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection), which should absolutely be looked out for. In all, if you are looking to get a Siamese kitten, they do not have many serious problems. If you have one already please refer to our article caring for a Siamese cat who has respiratory problems.

Summer care is not such a difficult thing to manage! The best way to keep them clean and healthy would be to have them indoors, as their fur might get very dirty and messy outside. In the hot summer months this can cause a problem with matting and dirt, leaving their coats an absolute mess. Regularly, though, their coats are easy to manage.

Another reason keeping these cats indoors is a better way to go is the dangers that are posed to them outdoors. Besides diseases, insects, predators, and vehicles that most people know about, there are also some not so trustworthy people out there who might see the cat as a way to make money. This is a very sought after breed so people will pay quite a bit to get their own, which is enough to tempt those with little care about another’s feelings.

The worries of cats being bored or restless when kept inside do not have to be a problem with so many things to entertain them. Persian cats are very energetic and playful and enjoy having toys and friends around them. They also enjoy having a person there to bond with and enjoy, often crying like a baby to get the attention they crave.

Anybody seeking this breed can find joy in knowing they are easy to get and even a Siamese kitten can be found anywhere. They enjoy the human attention and having friends and are very playful. During the summer, they can get quite messy but their coats are rather easy to manage so there should not be a lot of effort in grooming. All around, they are a great choice for a pet and can fit anybody’s life.

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