A Siamese cat owner usually chooses them because they are very lovely and unique. Having to deal with something horrible happening to them, like what is stated above, would be heart breaking. Keeping the cat in the home can make them happier and healthier! There is no reason to worry, either, because there is quite a bit inside to entertain them!

Being an indoor cat means, they will be healthier all around, lowering the cost of vet care, and they will live much longer, usually adding 10 years or more to their life span. With fewer chances at catching a very dangerous disease or coming in contact with somebody or something deadly, these cats really do get to live to their fullest.

Sunshine and exercise are very easy to get inside! Your Siamese can always enjoy the light from an enclosed porch or window, both are very safe choices. Exercise, while harder inside, is still pretty easy with toys and a lot of playing. Owners with a backyard can even build an outdoor area that is implemented by invisible fence for cats in so that they may run around without the risks the outside world poses to them.

The best way to get your little cat happy indoors is if they start young! Once you get your Siamese kitten make sure they are happy and fulfilled inside the home! Starting at a young age means they would prefer their inside life as they grow and not be tempted to leave, like many raised as outdoor cats might.

Obviously the home still needs to be kept safe! Keep them away from dangerous animals, major structural problems, and anything that can be potentially harmful! Cats get into a variety of places and, with a Siamese being as energetic as it is, a place needs to be well cared for. This includes fixing up or closing off dangerous areas, keeping the very fragile items away from their normal play areas, and ensuring that the home is kept clean and healthy. Cats are like more agile children, they want to get into and play with everything.

It is very simple to keep your little Siamese cat happy and healthy! The best way, obviously, is to have them be indoor cats. While there are still measures that need to be taken to keep the inside of the home safe, it is still a much better choice than the outdoors, which can bring about diseases and disasters. It is quite simple to have them happy while living inside, especially if you start with a Siamese kitten. The best place for a Siamese or any cat to grow is in the home, it is safer and healthier than having them stay outside.

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